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HOW TO BECOME AN ITALIAN CITIZEN? It will be very amazing for you when you think about being a citizen of Italy. Getting citizenship of Italy is not an easy task. The journey to get Italian passport/citizenship can be time taking process. But with the assistance of Eric law internationals legal experts you can secure your Italian citizenship as quickly as possible. There are several ways to become an Italian citizen, and the process can vary depending on the individual’s specific circumstances. Generally, the most common ways to acquire Italian citizenship are through:
  1. Birth: A person is considered an Italian citizen if they are born in Italy or if one or both of their parents are Italian citizens.
  2. Residency: A person can apply for Italian citizenship after living in Italy for a certain period of time. The required period of residency varies depending on the individual’s specific circumstances. For example, if you are married to an Italian citizen, you can apply for citizenship after 2 years of legal residence in Italy.
  3. Ancestry: A person can apply for Italian citizenship if they can prove that they have Italian ancestors.
  4. Naturalization: A person can apply for Italian citizenship through naturalization if they have lived in Italy for at least 10 years, have a stable and regular income, speak Italian and have no criminal record.
The application process for Italian citizenship can be complex, and the specific requirements and documentation can vary depending on the individual’s specific circumstances. It is recommended that you consult with a lawyer or an Italian consulate to fully understand the requirements and the process. It is important to note that the laws and regulations regarding Italian citizenship can change, so it is always best to check with the relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information. There are three ways through which you can get your Italian citizenship. After achieving these three way you will be able to understand the further requirements regarding citizenship. Three ways to get Italian citizenship key are including;  
  • Italian citizenship by descent
  • Catching citizenship through legal marriage
  • Getting Italian passport by residency/naturalization
All these ways are discussed in details with their merits and demerits. Securing Italian citizenship is easy through two ways
  1. Italian citizenship by descent
  2. Catching citizenship through legal marriage
Naturalization process is complex and lengthy which takes 10 years to obtain the Italian citizenship. Let’s, evaluate the immigration process to obtain Italian passport   Italian citizenship by decent This process is also known as citizenship by blood. Through this process taking citizenship of Italy is very simple and easy. There is not any obligation which can hinder to obtain the Italian passport. If your blood relation such as father or mother belong to Italy, then under paternal or maternal law you will be able to get Italian passport. Moreover, Italy does not question about the ancestor when submitting application for citizenship. This draw a clear picture that you can apply for Italian passport on behalf of your mother, father, as well as ancestors who lived there in some era. When you understand that you can apply for Italian citizenship on the basis of ancestor ship, then there will be another process to proceed your documentation for Italian passport. To apply for Italian passport, you must provide solid evidence of your blood relation with your Italian ancestors in Italian embassy. You will have to provide them all certificates and proves which are needed to proceed the process of citizenship. These documents are including, birth certificate of your ancestors, your identity card, and other documents attested by notary public. The time to getting passport in this category could be range from four months to two years which depend upon the nature of your case and wait time at your local Italian consulate. Merits   The significant advantage of this way is once you claim Italian citizenship under this category further, your kids will not need to again conduct this process as you did.   Demerits If your ancestor was female and she was born before January, 1, 1948 then you will not be able to claim citizenship on behalf of your ancestors.   Catching citizenship through legal marriage Fall in love with Italian? You are so lucky because you have chance to get Italian passport if you marry with your love. If you fall in this category, then you will live in Italy after marriage, for two years and your will be citizen of Italy. Suppose you cannot live in Italy for two years then no need to be worry because you have to wait for three years and then you will be citizen of Italy and you can claim your Italian passport without any restrictions.   Merits   A bit time is required to continue the process of your application and there is no obligation to speak Italian language for passport requirement.   Demerit This opportunity is just for those who fall in love with Italian and marry.       Getting Italian passport by residency/naturalization   This is the complex and time taking way to secure the nationality of Italy. To get the citizenship of Italy through this way first you have to get visa for Italy then you have to stay six months in every year for consecutive 10 years in Italy. This process is bit difficult and time taking. Also, you have to meet all legal requirements that are needed to get the residency of Italy under this category. For further details, legal consultants of Eric law international  could assist you.   Merits   To secure this status you have to spend more time in Italy and should have full understanding about the rules and regulations to ensure the nationality of Italy.     Demerits Due to complexities and difficulties this process requires more than 12 years for permanent residency. You have to follow the all rules and regulations of Italy, also, there are chances to reject your citizenship due to security concerns for Italian government and public.

Apply for Italian Dual Citizenship

Achievement of dual citizenship is too much difficult in Italy, due to requirements of different documents. Several immigration documents for dual citizenship belongs to the nature of case. For dual citizen ship documents requirement is complex process in which you have to present all of you and your ancestors documents, their attestation from notary public, their translation in Italian language, evidence of documents legalization, and apostilles. After completing these required document your file should be deliver to president of Italy for approval. All this process must be conducted through proper channel such as immigration and ministry of foreign affairs. Approximately more than 250 euros are needed to submit the application fee.

Consider Dual Citizenship

As different states or countries have their own rules and regulations regarding citizenship. It depends on the country rule either your country accepts dual citizenship or not because Italy does not have any rule regarding dual citizenship suppose you are American you also can get citizenship of Italy. It will not affect both countries rule and regulations. America allow their citizens they can hold dual citizenship. Meanwhile, India does not allow dual citizenship. If you are Indian citizen and applied for Italy citizenship, then you must quit the citizenship of India if you get another country citizenship. Read more
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