Public Company Fraud

Public company fraud  Securities fraud Public company fraud is also known as securities fraud or investment fraud. An individual who obligates securities fraud intentionally and deliver false information that greed an investor to invest or sales their shares. Public company fraud is an offence which violate both federal and provincial laws. The securities fraud is including the exchange of false information, misstatement of a public company’s financial reporting, malpractices within the organization and unethical activities of corporate auditors. Company fraud is a crime and offence in which a set of criminal law set to protect general public. ELI attorneys support and assist general public from company and securities fraud both in civil litigation and securities arbitration. If you lost money in a business in which the investor firm provide you false information you have right to sue that investor. ELI legal experts will assist you across the globe to recover your money through lawsuits. ELI focuses on the two primary types of securities fraud cases: the first, sometimes called Section 10(b) which represent any type of deceptive, misleading or improper behavior associated with the purchase or sale of a security which result in investment losses.  The other, sometimes called Section 11 deals specifically with public offerings of stock, bonds or other types of securities where companies raise money on the capital markets.