Marriage & Divorce

Marriage and Divorce ELI legal attorneys provide legal consultation about the divorce process and briefing on applicable laws, and realize you about your fundamental rights and potential obligations. Meet our attorneys and discuss your issues about divorce, be honest with your attorney. Divorce Divorce is a legal dissolution of a marriage through court or any other competent authority. Dissolution of marriage between husband and wife. Judicial divorce In many states judicial divorce is granted without the consent of the husband. If the wife is willing to forgo her financial rights she can claim in court. In many states husband is bound to give some amount of money from his salary to feed his kids until they become adult. Wife have to get divorce certificate from the court. If wife get divorce she can ask from court to decide the possession of property, financially matters and custody of children. Grounds for judicial divorce There are different ground realities to claim divorce from court through counsel.
  • Disappearance of husband more than three years.
  • Husband is in imprisonment from more than six years.
  • Husband cruelty such as violence, beating etc.
  • Husband is insane
  • Husband push his wife to do intercourse with others
  • He is unable to perform marital obligations
Marriage legal union of two people as a partner or in a personal relationship is known as marriage Gay marriage, Personal relationship between same genders is known as gay marriage ELI legal experts assist their clients for gay marriage certification where it is legal. ELI expert’s lawyers provide their services in CANADA, SPAIN, BELGIUM and SPAIN for gay marriage.   Court marriage Court marriage is allowed in different Muslim state. The criteria for court marriage for boy and girl is different. If the boy is 18 years old and girl is 16 years old, they can marry through court and get their marriage certificate. Under age marriage  The child marriage act 1929 represent that under age marriage is an offence. The punish for underage marriage is 5 years for boy and three years for girl. Telephonic marriage In several states telephonic marriage is allowed. Which could be possible through the presence of three evident and a counsel. The services of ELI legal experts are always available for the consultation of divorce and marriage.