Family Violence

 Family violence is also known as domestic violence. it has been justified in different scenarios such as physical abuse, sexual, psychological, emotional, economic, spiritual and legal abuse. According to fundamental law and those laws which are established through the constitutions of countries, all type of family violence are illegal and unacceptable in the society. If you are suffering from family violence, legal advisors and attorneys of Eric international are always available to assist and support you across the world. Eric international is committed to wrap a variety of behaviors commence by an individual against a family member. different examples of family violence are justified as
  • Physical abuse including beating or hitting.
  • Sexual abuse is known as forcing someone to make inter-course without consent or engaging someone in sexual activities.
  • Emotional/ psychological abuse, playing with emotions and feelings of others.
  • Intentionally destroying assets of family members
  • Economic abuse, utilizing the properties and financial transactions of family members without their consent.
  • Any other actions that create fear and damage the self-respect of family members
Family violence cause to arise the mental disability, miscarriage, suicide, depression, illness, drugs addiction, prostitution, headache, and many other diseases. Physical abuse Physical abuse happens when a person intentionally uses physical force to injure someone. Physical abuse could start from injury to murder. some instances are: Punching, beating, hitting, kicking, shooting, killing, assaulting with revolver, blade, slapping, pushing someone to use drugs, etc. Psychological or emotional abuse It includes playing with emotions, it could be in both sense such as verbal and non-verbal. Some examples are: harassing someone to do illegal and wrong act. Blackmailing through emotions, yelling, isolating someone from their beloveds, damaging property, trapping through emotional feelings. Insulting etc. Sexual abuse It includes pushing someone to do intercourse, harassment. It is inter-connected with physical abuse. For example, attack on sexual body parts, sex without consent, forced sex and prostitutions etc. Economic Abuse It includes someone trying to take control on the possession of property, money and other assets without their consent. Attempting to involve someone in robbery, stealing, attempting to approach bank accounts of family members and friends. Spiritual abuse Trying to exaggerate the spiritual and religious beliefs of people in the society, forbidding someone to avoid their religious meetings, brainwashing the youth regarding their religious acts. Legal abuse  It includes when someone try to trap and disturb the family law system to damage family members. Stalking abuse It is also a type of family violence which contained involving someone in such activities which are illegal. It makes a person feel afraid, and harassed. If our are involve in such abuses and want rid from these family violence, Eric law international is available to support and help you.