Car Accidents

Car Accidents Motor vehicle accidents always happen suddenly and the consequences of motor vehicle cab be drastic. ELI legal experts always focuses on what steps should be taken after car accidents to recover the loss. Our best lawyers provide assistance to clients regarding the accidents and injuries, it involves how they communicate with insurers, whether to sue the other party, and more.   The basic concept about vehicle accidents and legal claim involve the factors of carelessness claim, and these factors are taken into consideration by the local courts, rash, drunk driving etc. there are some steps that should be immediately taken after the car accident.
  • After car accident try to stay at that point but move your vehicle out of traffic. Leaving the place of accident can cause to charge a criminal act.
  • Check drivers and other passengers who needs medical aid and carefully move the passengers or driver from the vehicle.
  • Call police and ambulance if the injuries, causalities and other damages are happened.
  • When police arrive tell them facts and ask them to report file.
  • Collect information about vehicles that became reason of accident, driver, their license number, vehicle number plate etc.
  • Take picture of damage vehicle which will be meaningful when comparing to before photos.
  • Call your insurance firm, and keep in mind they will deny your claim if you fail to tell them real facts.
How to Report an accident to insurance company? Sometime reporting an accident insurance to a company can be very difficult and without legal experts you cannot claim your insurance from company. ELI legal experts team always provides you best solutions for your issues. There are two ways for insurance claim including, (1) first party insurance claim and (2) third party insurance claim. In first party insurance claim the individual require to claim his/her insurance to own insurance company and for third party insurance claims individual needs to report the insurance company of other driver who became the reason of accident. For the claim of insurance, it is necessary to make a call to insurance company after the accident. After accidents delaying of phone call to insurance company can create many problems. The insurance company may as some important question from you such as:
  • The insured drivers full name, contact number and address
  • Policy number
  • Starting date of policy and expiry date
  • Date, time and location of accident
  • General information about accident
After collecting all these information, the insurance company will send their representative for further investigation on the spot of accidents. After getting the evidences and departmental process they will determine the amount to pay against insurance if they find you deserve the claim.