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All people are equal before the law. A good attorney is what makes a difference.

If you are looking for a caring legal team to vigorously represent you, Eric law international experts team is always available to assist you

Our goal is amicable resolution, but when litigation becomes necessary, the lawyers at Eric law international have a proven track record taking complex cases to trial. Our team provides you the resources of attorneys in different fields such as criminal law, family law, harassment law, depending on your needs, we may bring in experts and professionals from disciplines including baking laws, insurance laws, merger and acquisition, accidents laws, and psychology to develop a strong, effective case. Negotiating parenting plans and property division agreements can be an intense process, and you will most likely want to engage in a continuing dialogue with your lawyer over a period of time. We offer high-quality, personal attention combined with timely and efficient online communications to help you deal with issues as they arise. We represent people from many different professions including business owners.

Eric Law International
President & Co-Founder Dr. Muzaffar Iqbal

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Dr. Muzaffar Iqbal
Senior Attorney
Family Lawyer
Dr. Moeen ud din
Corporate Lawyer
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